Create And Sell Your Merchandise Online

Are you a band, artist or designer looking for a platform to sell your designs and merchandise at a fair price?

You've come to the right place.

We team up with creators to produce their exclusive designs and sell them on our store, shipping worldwide. We believe in fair partnerships, which is why we allow our contributors to set their own fees for each of their products above our base prices. When your products sell, you get paid each month.

Upload your designs

We'll work with you to get your designs ready for production

Promote and sell

Spread the word while we handle payments on your behalf

We ship to customers

Sit back and relax while we manage production and shipping

Collect revenue monthly

We'll send you your share of profits every month when your products sell

No set up costs and no upfront investment

Say goodbye to bulk buying shirts to promote your venture. When you partner with us, there's no set up costs and no upfront investment needed. All we ask from you is provide your kick-ass designs and to spread the word about your amazing products.

All this is possible through our investment into Direct To Garment technology. This means all products are made to order with the highest possible quality prints. As there's no need to gamble your money with a large bulk order like on some other platforms, we're perfect for up and coming artists who'd rather invest their money in new gear or a new tour bus.

100% control over your products

You retain the copyright to your designs when you sell with us (and we expect all our partners to exclusively own the copyright to their designs) - the decision to work with us is in your hands. You're always free to introduce new designs, remove old ones, and in the unlikely event you're unhappy with our service, to pull your products from our store if you decide it's not for you.

A wide range of products

While t-shirts are our best sellers, we are able to supply a wide range of products, including vests, hoodies, canvas shoes, holdalls, rucksacks, phone covers, posters and more.

We also offer several variations of t-shirts, from lower cost designs to the crème de la crème of short sleeve fashion, meaning you can always hit the price point you want for your audience.

Spread the word with your own landing page

As an artist, band, or designer, you'll get your own landing page showcasing all your products, making easy to promote your store. Link to your page in your Insta bio, in your Facebook updates, on your website - wherever!

Get paid monthly

After each month, we process all payments for our partners. You'll receive your share directly into the PayPal account of your choice no more than 30 days after each month, giving you a regular stream of income to help fund your project.

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